ETP program is designed to be a comprehensive package satisfying the versatile needs to study electron tunneling process in proteins.

ETP program is developed and maintained solely by Dr. Muhammad Hagras.

ETP Main Features:

- Different visualization schemes based on two OpenGL engines.

-  Different GUI interfaces to well-known packages including Gaussian program.

- Supports MM/MD simulation using AMBER force field.

- Tunneling pathway calculation and visualization using different schemes.

To download ETP setup file v1.1 (for Windows only), click on that link.

​To download ETP user guide, click on that link.

To download ETP data files, click on that link.

To obtain a copy of the ETP source code, please email me at Please indicate in your email: (1) your name and title (2) your institute and (3) the purpose to obtain the ETP source code.

To report bugs, please email me at

If you use output from ETP program in your paper, website or other work​ please reference our paper: 

M. A. Hagras, A. A. Stuchebrukhov. J. Comput. Chem. 2016, 37,1388–1395

Electron Tunneling in Proteins (ETP) Program